About Fahed Group

Fahed Group Founded in 1982 with H.E Sheikh Mohammad Bin Fahed Al Thani as Chairman, the group has demonstrated active and continuous growth over the last 40 years under the guiding principles of commitment, care and vision coupled with a genuine concern for the community.

During those 40 years, the Group has established companies in various business arenas that have developed, and become leaders in their respective fields, earning the respect and trust of the business communities.

From the beginning, the emphasis of the Group has been on quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and long term planning. This philosophy has positioned these group enterprises amongst the top companies intheir lines of business.

The Fahed Group continues to develop as a leading force in Qatar, ex-panding activities, growing resources, and increasing involvement in business development,

The investment arm of the group benefits from the outstanding network and knowledge of our local and international relationships. These associations enable them to identify and create lucrative investment opportunities with ventures across key industries ranging from construction and automotive to healthcare and many others,

Our team of highly qualified professionals and advisors research, analyse and propose profitable investment opportunities based on detailed assessment of technical, commercial and strategic issues.