Rosenbauer Qatar is one of Fahed Group companies
Rosenbauer is the world’s leading manufacturer of systems for firefighting and disaster protection. The company develops and produces vehicles, fire extinguishing systems,equipment and telematics solutions for professional, industrial, plant and volunteer fire services, and systems for industrial firefighting. All of the main sets of standards are covered by products manufactured in Europe, the US and Asia. The Group has an active service and sales network in over 100 countries.

The listed family company is in its sixth generation and has served fire departments for nearly 150 years. A strong customer focus, innovative strength and reliability are Rosenbauer’s key strengths.

Rosenbauer Qatar is the leader in the Qatari market and the main partner for the state of Qatar government through Qatar civil defiance Hammad international airport and hamad medical corporation and other main sectors Rosenbauer Qatar provided the parners needs in Qatar with state of the art and innovative products and services.

As a branch trendsetter, with its innovations and outstanding vehicles, Rosenbauer has exerted a major influence upon the development of fire and disaster protection. Moreover, in years to come, Rosenbauer intends to pursue its claim to being a pioneer with regard to further developments in the fire fighting technology field.
Rosenbauer looks to achieve a leading position in all its business areas. The Group’s primary objective is growth coupled with sustainable profits and thus a continuous increase in corporate value.
In the course of realizing this aspiration to leadership, Rosenbauer benefits from the strengths of the group as a whole. These consist of:
 A traditional role as an innovation and technology leader
 The global reputation of the Rosenbauer brand
 A motivated workforce that offers first class performance
 A worldwide presence as a full-line supplier of fire service vehicles, extinguishing systems, equipment and customized services.

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