Fahed Medical Care


Fahed Medical Care was established as part of Fahed Group a as supplier of Medical Devices ,Medical Disposables and healthcare products .

Fahed Medical Care started with our objective to become a significant key player in the Qatari Health Care Market. We are focusing our efforts and utilize our resources in the most effective way to provide best quality and service to our clients while maintaining our competitive edge advantage.

FMC works in managing high quality health services that are of great value to moderate the cost and enhance the quality of medical Healthcare for private, public, and government agencies of all sizes.

Our Goal
To succeed the high level of customer satisfaction with striving to go forward along with purification technology and innovations , and maintain high quality of the product and services

Our Mission
FMC seek to enlarge represented manufacturers and products base through institutionalization of work according to international best standards, having qualified, competent and committed human resources, and providing high quality services to all customer

Our vision
To provide health care facilities with product solutions to improve the health services to the end users .
We take pride in helping to alleviate patient suffering associated with these conditions.

FMC shows a dedication to superior performance, support by an excellent customer service .

We encourage a successful exclusive and strong long – term partnership .
Unusually capable, highly motivated team is the heart & soul of FMC Business Portfolio.